Join our motorcycle journey through Mongolia

Trailing in the footsteps of Gengis Khan, we will, in the fashion of a caravanserai, ride along the ancient Silk Route. A historical  trade route that linked  the Far East to the Western Mediterranean

Along the way, through the Gobi desert, we will witness the timeless scenery that is a testimony to this rich exchange of jewels, spices, animals, textiles and ideas. An exchange that unfolded over centuries.

The unusual Rock formations, vast grasslands, wild camel herds and the quiet desolation of the desertscape will catapult us into the unknown.

Throughout our journey, we will stay in eco-friendly, traditional yurts. mcmo7lrYurts are circular tents that have been the traditional accommodation for the nomadic tribes of Mongolia, whose paths we will undoubtedly cross. We will be deeply immersed in the local life and traditional hospitality of these tribes. This is a truly unique and unforgettable journey  that begins  and ends in Ulaanbaatur, the Capital of Mongolia.

We have spent months to find the most beautiful routes, the most magnificent landscapes, the best and most authentic destinations in order to arrange the ultimate motorcycle trip.

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