Madagaskar - Et Ø ParadisMadagascar by motorcycle

A motorcycle journey through the fabled island of Madagascar entails a drive in magnificent landscapes with truly unique scenery and wildlife.

Due to its distinctive flora and fauna, which evolved in millions of years of isolation, Madagascar is also known as the “eighth  continent” or  a “micro-continent” with a large number of endemic species unto itself.

Motor biking in Madagascar involves meeting intriguing local ethnic groups with fascinating traditions, encountering colorful zebu markets and traversing through villages where time seems to stand still. The landscape of Madagascar shifts from sandy beaches to lush jungle over green highlands with rice terraces and deserts.

On our motorcycle journey in Madagascar we will visit National Parks with lemurs and chameleons, cross the highlands and pass by giant baobab trees, ultimately concluding our drive on the rugged western coast which meets the Mozambique channel.

We have spent months to find the most beautiful routes , the most magnificent landscapes , the best and most authentic destinations in order to arrange the ultimate motorcycle trip.

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