Tibet 4Motorbike journey in Tibet

Join this motorcycle adventure and ride across the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Tibet and all the way to the Base Camp of Mount Everest

This motorcycle sojourn takes us through some of the most breathtaking vistas and historical sights spread across the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Tibet. Our forays on windy mountain roads will allow us to gaze at snowy peaks, cross high mountain passes and pause near deep blue glacial lakes. As we explore lost corners of the Tibetan Plateau, there will be ample time throughout the trip to soak in the nuanced beauty of the Himalayas.  We will commence our journey in Kathmandu, Nepal, located in the gentler and lusher southern Himalayas and gradually make our way to the arid north with its desolate beauty, ending our adventure in Lhasa, Tibet.

We have spent months to find the most enchanting routes, the most mesmerizing landscapes, and the most authentic destinations to curate the ultimate motorcycle trip

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