Motorcycle tour in Laos

A motorcycle trip through Laos, which is located in Southeast Asia, is an unforgettable experience that offers magnificent scenery.

Thick and lush jungles, ancient temple towns, isolated villages, limestone mountains, lakes, rivers and colossal caves are just some of the experiences that Laos offers.

On this motorcycle journey we will pass through the mysterious “Plain of Jars” – the remains from a 2,500 years old lost civilization and visit some enchanting old wats or Buddhist temples . As we make our way through the verdant hills we will interact with numerous ethnic minorities domiciled there and sample the delicious local micro cuisines.

Embarking on a motorcycle voyage in Laos is discovering one of Asia’s best kept secrets.

We have spent months to find the most beautiful routes , the most magnificent landscapes , the best and most authentic destinations in order to arrange the ultimate motorcycle trip.

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