Villads Kok Mortensen, a Danish national is the proprietor and main Organiser of MC ASIEN.

Villads has travelled extensively across many Asian countries and has planned and executed several motorcycle adventures in Asia. Villads holds a Master degree in Rhetoric from the University of Copenhagen and lives between Copenhagen and Mumbai.





Martin Mackay has never really been the same since he first landed in India 2004 and met with the thunderous roar of the legendary Royal Enfield. Since then he has bought three of them and spent most of his time travelling the Indian subcontinent on two wheels. After gathering deep knowledge of Indian culture and history through first-hand experience, he did tours of India for many years for a Danish company. Today he works in the textile industry and exclusively guides for as it unites his two biggest passions: Motorcycles and Travelling.




Rune Abro is a photographer, multi artist and creative consultant at Yatra Travels and M.C. ASIA.
Rune has travelled in Africa, Asia, Indonesia and the Middle East, and is partially residing in Israel.
He works on several graphical and musical projects and as a freelancer through his company, Abstreet.

He has a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Copenhagen.